The ACT Volunteer Brigades Association

The ACT Volunteer Brigades Association (VBA) is the peak body that supports and advocates for the ACT’s 8 volunteer fire brigades and their membership comprising of more than 500 volunteers. It was formed in 1984 to provide a forum, a voice and support for volunteer rural firefighters across the Australian Capital Territory.

The VBA runs two events each year for volunteers, the annual Gala Night traditionally held outside the fire season and the Field Day. The Field Day is a whole of service training event, where volunteers pit their skills and abilities against each other in friendly competition. This year the Field Day will be held just prior to the opening of the fire season.

The committee of the VBA comprises of up to two delegates from each of the eight brigades and meets on a monthly basis.

The VBA are also part of a forum of approximately 275,000 volunteer rural firefighters from across Australia.

The role of the VBA is to:

  • Financially support and organise the annual Field Day competition for the benefit of volunteers and the community
  • Financially support and organise the annual Gala Night to recognise volunteers and their families and their contribution to emergency service in the ACT
  • Co-organise community awareness events such as the annual Rural Fire Service stall at the Canberra Show that aims to raise community bushfire awareness and preparedness as well as encouraging volunteering
  • Participate in various forums including Minister’s / Captain’s / Rural Fire Service / Emergency Services Authority / Council of Australian Volunteer Firebrigade Associations / Australasian Fire Authorities Council meetings representing the interests of volunteer firefighters
  • Represent volunteer interests in regard to volunteer welfare/fairness issues
  • Fundraising through various initiatives to support VBA activities such as the purchase of safety equipment for volunteers, and sponsorship of volunteers to attend national emergency services forums and training opportunities.